Vibe Stereo (800M) Handsfree Headset
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Vibe Stereo (800M) Handsfree Headset


Vibe Stereo (800M) iPhone headphones stereo music and clear speech via Noise reduction.

Music is a super companion for humans, it cultivates you and enriches your life. Vibe Headset is specially designed for music lovers, built-in high-grade microphone & speaker, hands-free function and lightweight design. It's a super companion for you during daily life and travel.

Vibe earphones are a special kind of earphones, as obvious from the name, are operated by two sets of drivers. Each earpiece contains two separate speakers — one to handle the high and mid frequencies, and one to handle the bass. This separation creates a more rich and filled-out sound that makes any kind of music sound better.

  • One Button Line Control
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong Compatibility
  • Hands-free Calls
  • Extraordinary Dual Driver Earphones 
  • Convenient Hands free Calling 
  • Waterproof Controls
  • Designed for better sound
  • Noise isolation Design
  • Snug, Light & Soft Design

Package Include:

  • 1x Vibe Stereo (800M) Handsfree Headset