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Vibe MFi Lighting Mains Charger 2.4Amp

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MFi Lighting Mains Charger 2.4Amp

2.4 Amp Mains Lightning Charger by Vibe, Charge your Apple devices quickly and conveniently with this 2.4A high power output.

This mains charger allows you to charge All Lightning devices. The design makes plugging and unplugging easier.


  • Auto-Identify Charge Type: Vibe's Lightning mains charger auto-identify charging connected device output and intelligently provides that optimised charging
  • Protections: Built-in safety features against overcharging, overheating and also contains short-circuit protection
  • High-Speed Charging: With up to 2.4 Amp power you can charge your device faster than other normal Mains Charger

Compatible with:

  • Universal Compatibility

Package Contains:

  • Vibe 2.4 Amp Mains Lightning Charger